Make a daily choice to honor the Father, walk in the steps of Jesus, and submit to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  1. Be at Church by the offering every Sunday to worship God, unite to Christ through the Eucharist, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit & the Body of Christ.

  2. Read the Holy Bible for at least 10 minutes & pray the daily office each day.

  3. Build one new (same gender) friendship at church and pray for that person every day.

  4. Share the gospel with at least 3 people this year.

  5. Attend at least one age appropriate teaching ministry every week.

  6. Meet with your father of confession at least 3-4 times this year for confession, guidance, and spiritual mentorship.

  7. Commit to volunteering in at least one service.

  8. Be faithful stewards in tithing to the Church.

  9. Invite at least 2 people that are not currently going to church to come visit St. Anianus.

  10. Participate in Home Groups and quarterly family meetings.


Download here: 2018 Church Goals