As we face trying times ahead, our Lord desires to do a work of restoration amongst and through His people. Let us work together and make ourselves available for the Lord to restore the brokenhearted, the sick, and those who are suffering from any ailment.

COVID-19 CRISIS FUND: Supporting one another during times of crisis: St. Anianus will administer these funds to provide help for basic economic necessities. Your gift will make a real and lasting difference to your brothers and sisters in Christ. In order to help provide financial gifts, please DONATE HERE. In order to request services, please designate your NEED HERE.Other Donation Portals: Zelle




Sunday at 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Wednesday at 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

We invite you to join on-line as we offer up oblations to the Lord, praying for the healing of the sick, and give thanks to God for His gift of grace.


Sunday at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This coming Sunday at the Link, Fr. Michael will lead a study on  be discussing God’s faithfulness followed by a Q&A session.


Tuesday at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

We’ll meet on Tuesday at 12PM on FaceBook. To join, all you need to do is follow Fr. Michael on Facebook and tune in. For those without FaceBook, we’ll plan to stream to YouTube (although answering questions will be primarily through FaceBook).


Wednesday at 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM

We will be continuing our study on the Book of Exodus. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to pray together and for one another.  Please click HERE or the image below to submit prayer requests that the priest can pray over or that can be sent out to a prayer list.


Help Restore


  • Feeding Middlesex County: During this unprecedented health crisis many more Middlesex County residents are in need of food assistance.  With schools closed, senior centers closed and many businesses closing or reducing hours children and seniors are without meals and working families are without paychecks and do not have funds to stock up on supplies.


Archdiocese Statements

Helpful Tips

Routine: Set up a daily routine to help you and your family.  With students having school work to complete and adults working from home establish a routine. Having a schedule will help you retain some sense of normalcy in your life and help you to accomplish what you need to.  It will be helpful to start and finish your day in prayer, as well as to participate in the various on-line resources that St. Anianus is making available to you. Make sure you incorporate house quiet time, work time, meals, fresh air/exercise time, and family time. Keeping the structure that you already have in place i.e. meals times, bed times will help to make you and your  children feel secure and help you plan out your day.  Avoid spending the day in your pajamas. 

Limit Media Exposure: Having information available to us 24 hours a day can lead to increased feelings of anxiety.  Keep exposure for children limited. Pick one source and stay with that. Each outlet will offer their own spin.  Stay with factual information to help you make good decisions for your family. Be careful what you discuss and who hears.

Keep in touch with others: Reach out to friends and family via phone, video calling or online to prevent feelings of isolation and be sure to schedule video playdates for your children. Keeping in touch will help you to process your feelings. If you have elderly neighbors-take time to be in touch, or offer to get supplies for them.

Mental Health Issues: Understand that any underlying mental health issues may increase.  Acknowledge your feelings of the unknown and the fear that may emerge. If you have previously been in counseling, it may be a good idea to reach out to your counselor.

Anxiety:  What can I do to reduce these feelings?

  • Pray: make time to read your Bible and pray each day.
  • Journal: write down what you are feeling and experiencing
  • Find strategies that take your mind off things, listen to music, do crafts, play board games, watch movies, exercise 
  • Physical activity-take a walk, clean out a closet, organize something, go for walk, play with animals
  • Make a list of future plans to look forward to-plan a future vacation, plan your garden
  • Laugh-find something that provides humor i.e. movies, reading a book, talking to someone