The Link is St. Anianus’ main teaching service. Starting at 11:30 AM on Sunday mornings, it’s a time to come for encouragement, get a dose of early Christian teaching for the contemporary world, and build a sense of community.

Each week at the Link, we discuss topics that are relevant to your life, that help you to grow, and offer you an opportunity to discuss them in small groups with other believers.

While you are enjoying The Link, your kids can benefit from our kids ministry for kids from pre-school through high school.

We believe that it is in the living body of Christ – which is the Church – that true healing of the whole person can be realized. It is for this reason that our aim is to be the Link to Christ.

Come join us for a series entitled Post-Resurrection Sayings of Christ. Jesus Christ appeared nearly a dozen times after His Resurrection from the dead. As He appeared to His disciples, our Lord also spoke with them in various places about a variety of subjects. In this series, we will will be discussing 7 of His saying in 5 different places. Join us at the Link starting Sunday, May 12th for:


You can also access the following recorded series:


Capitalizing On Every Opportunity (May 2016)

On the Incarnation (December 2013 – January 2014)

Check us out at on our YouTube Channel HERE