2023 Coptic Calendar

The Holy Nativity Feast January 7
The Circumcision Feast January 14
The Holy Epiphany January 19
Feast of the Wedding of Cana of Galilee January 21
Jonah’s (Nineveh) Fast February 6-8
Presentation of the Lord into the Temple February 15
Jonah’s (Nineveh) Feast February 17
Holy Great Lent February 20- April 7
The Feast of the Cross March 19
Annunciation Feast  April 7
Lazarus Saturday April 8
Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem (Hosanna Sunday) April 9
Holy Pascha April 10-12
Covenant Thursday April 13
Good Friday April 14
Glorious Feast of the Resurrection April 16
Thomas’ Sunday April 23
Martyrdom of St. Mark the Evangelist May 8
The Holy Feast of Ascension May 25
Entry of the Lord into Egypt June 1
The Holy Pentecost Feast June 4
The Apostles’ Fast June 5 – July 11
The Apostles’ Feast (Martyrdom of St. Peter & St. Paul) July 12
St. Mary’s Fast August 7–21
Transfiguration Feast August 19
Assumption of St. Mary’s Body August 22
The Nayrouz Feast (Coptic New Year) September 12
The Feast of the Cross (Three days) September 28–30
The Holy Nativity Fast
St. Anianus Feast
November 26 – January 6
November 29