Report from Mission Conference, Graduation Party Postponed, Regular Schedule on Sunday

This week our Lord taught me some amazing things about the ministry He is blessing us with at St. Anianus. Over the past couple of days I attended – and presented an academic paper entitled “The Incarnational Church: The Intersection of the Orthodox Faith and the Local Culture” at – an International Mission & Evangelism Conference for the Coptic Church (if you are interested in reading the article, email me back and I will bring you a copy on Sunday to Church).  God showed me that we are on the cutting edge of bringing the ancient faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church into our host culture here in the United States.  This is all possible through God’s grace and the service each and everyone of you offer to St. Anianus Church through your prayers, service, and financial gifts.  Thank you!

CHANGE OF PLANS FOR THIS SUNDAY:  Last Sunday in Church I announced that we would be hosting our graduation party and cancelling Kids Ministry & The Link.  We have had a change of plans.  Graduation party will be postponed until a later date and we’re back on for our regular schedule this Sunday, including Kids Ministry & The Link.

This Week’s Schedule:
Friday      CANCELLED            Connect Youth Group
Saturday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM     Vespers & Praises
Sunday   8:45 AM – 11:30 AM    Liturgy
Sunday  11:30 AM – 12:00 PM   Coffee Break
Sunday  12:00 PM – 1:00  PM    The Link & Kids Ministry

If you have any questions pertaining to upcoming events or other Church news, please do not hesitate to contact us at

As the Holy Spirit transformed the disciples of Jesus Christ into evangelists of the good news, may He also transform us today into ministers of reconciliation.

Yours because of Christ,

Fr. Michael Sorial


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Join us this Sunday for the Link.  All are welcome to come.

If you missed last Sunday’s talk by Emmanuel Gergis, he lead a Q&A Session on the Holy Spirit.  Check out the message HERE.

Please visit our YouTube Page and subscribe to be notified whenever St. Anianus uploads a new Video HERE.

Kid’s Ministry: St. Anianus Kids Ministry is looking for more volunteers interested in serving the kids in the Summer and/or Fall. Training is provided and Fall volunteers are asked for a 10-month commitment. This can include planning trips and activities, community service, or Sunday School. Anyone interested, please speak with Mora Sorial at or on Sunday’s.

Hospitality: The St. Anianus Hospitality Ministry is happy to make sure you are welcomed and fed between the Divine Liturgy and the Link & Kids Ministry.  The volunteer commitment is based on your availability to help.  Please speak with Mary Alfy at or on Sunday’s.

June 22, 2017 at 7:00 PM: On Thursday, June 22nd you are invited to join for our monthly meeting, where we a presents a topic about bout Orthodox Christianity, as it engages with modern questions of faith, science, reason, philosophy, theology, doctrine, and apologetics. All are welcome to join as we seek understanding and Truth.

June 25, 2017 at 1:00 PM: Following the Diving Liturgy on Sunday, June 25th, you are invited to join for our monthly Lighthouse service to offer a meal, prayer, and Christian love to our brethren in Trenton, NJ area.  More details to follow.

Save the date for Saturday, August 12th for the Women’s Spiritual Day. More details to follow.

We believe that every member in the body of Christ should be actively serving in the Church.  You are invited to personally get involved and help out by offering your time to serving the many needs of the growing community, as we seek to serve one another, in the model of Jesus Christ.  Drop us a line at and we can help you figure out some volunteer opportunities.

Last Sunday:  June 11                    click here
This Sunday:  June 18                    click here

6/18        Father’s Day
6/22        The Vine
6/25        Lighthouse Ministry to Trenton
7/12        Feast of the Apostles
8/12        Women’s Spiritual Day

8:45AM   –    9:30AM      Matins & Agpeya
9:30AM   –  11:30AM      Divine Liturgy
11:30AM –  12:00PM      Coffee Break
12:00PM –    1:00PM      The Link & Kid’s Ministry
For Directions on where we worship on Sunday Morning’s CLICK HERE

Saturday (Schedule Changed for this week only: please see above)
6:30 PM   –    7:00 PM      Vespers
7:00 PM   –    8:30 PM      Praises & Confession
Location: 143 N. Bergen Mills Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

7:30 PM   –    9:30 PM      Connect Youth Ministry

  • Connect Youth Ministry seeks to connect high school and middle school youth group to Christ and His Church through engaging discussions, fun activities, and good food.  If you are interested in attending, please email us at for details or join us Friday at (143 N. Bergen Mills Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831).

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