Recap & Reminders 2016 July 14

Last Sunday in The Link we started our 1st ever Visitor’s Series entitled “Growing Deeper with Others.” Our guest speaker Emmanuel Gergis helped unpack the message Trinity: Being in Love with the Other.  If you missed this past Sunday’s message in The Link and want to stay connected, check us out HERE.

This coming Sunday we continue Growing Deeper with Others:
This Sunday’s SpeakerJoe Everett
This Sunday’s Message: The Lost Gift of Friendship

Connect (Youth Ministry), 7/13: We meet Thursday evenings from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM.  Tonight we continue with the topic Extreme Circumstances.  Connect exists to help Middle & High School Youth connect to Christ. We seek to provide Orthodox Christian teaching, engage youth by answering the difficult questions, while building a sense of community among the youth through time of discussion and games.

Vesper’s Service, 7/16: This coming Saturday from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM we will gather for Saturday evening services at the Lutheran Church of the Messiah (407 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ) for Vespers, Midnight Praises, and the Mystery of Confession.

The Vine, 7/22: Join us on Friday, July 22nd at 7:30 PM in the Vine at the Lutheran Church of the Messiah (407 Nassau St in Princeton).
Topic: “God’s Warriors: The Role of Christian Faith in the Crusades.” 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ed Seiceinski

St. Anianus Registered on Amazon Smile: Start With a Smile and Amazon donates to Saint Anianus Coptic Orthodox Church.
Here’s how it works:
1. Select “Saint Anianus” as your Charity of choice first at (Detailed Directions HERE)
2. Every time you purchase through Amazon, go to
3. Make a Purchase and Amazon makes a donation to St. Anianus

Holy Transfiguration College
As many of you know, I serve as the President – and am one of the co-founders – of the Holy Transfiguration College.  This fall we are launching two Master’s Degree in the Department of History and Religious Studies.  Here is information about the program: With a top-quality education rooted in Early Christian wisdom, Holy Transfiguration College (HTC) will enrich your knowledge and faith, preparing you to face today’s scientific, philosophical, political, social and economic challenges, and equipping you to make a difference in our world.  HTC’s degrees are designed to offer you the flexibility to incorporate our courses into your schedule through our distance learning programs.  Check out our online graduate degrees and apply today by visiting or by calling 1.866.JOIN.HTC.

Fun Day at the Park: Many thanks to the Kid’s Ministry at St. Anianus Church for organizing the Fun Day at the Park last Sunday, as well as for each of you who came out to enjoy a day of fun and fellowship.  Check out the Video Collage HERE.

New Website: Thank you for all of the great feedback we have thus received about our new website.  Any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Please check us out at

Property at 30 N. Main St, Cranbury, NJ: I have two requests as we continue to explore our next steps:
1. Prayers: Keep on praying for clarity on God’s will for St. Anianus Church, as we have a meeting scheduled tomorrow morning.
2. Financial Support: We have some exciting plans for this property that would allow us to reach into the local community, while serving the needs of the Church members.  The total project is estimated to cost around $700K.  If God has placed it in your heart to support financially, please click  or email us at

If you have any questions pertaining to upcoming events and / or other Church news, please  do not hesitate to contact us at

We believe that any member in the body of Christ should be actively serving in the Church.  You are invited to personally get involved and help out by offering your time to serving the many needs of the growing community, as we seek to serve one another, in the model of Jesus Christ.  Drop us a line at and we can help you figure out some volunteer opportunities.

Last Sunday: July 10   click here
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7/14       Connect (Youth Ministry)
7/16       Saturday Evening Services
7/22       The Vine
9/10       2nd Annual St. Anianus BBQ


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